All interested speakers are requested to send full paperís name and summary on one A4 page (about 500 words) by the 31st August 2005, at the latest.

The summaries should be mailed to the following address: PRO TORPEDO Rijeka, Delta 5, HR - 51000 Rijeka, Croatia or e-mailed: info≤protorpedo-rijeka.org.

Summaries can be in Croatian or English. By the 15th September 2005, the Scientific Committee will inform speakers if their paper has been accepted for presentation at the Conference or if these have been included into the poster-section (a 70 x 100 cm poster) or if they will only be published in the Proceedings.

Accepted papers should be brought to the Conference and handed over in written form or recorded on a floppy disc, CD or the like. The Conference papers should be written on 6 pages of A4 size minimum or on 10 pages maximum (font 12 pts), including all attachments, photos, tables and graphs. The literature, sources, notes and similar should be quoted. All papers accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published after the Conference in a special edition of the Proceedings. Each speaker will receive a free copy of the Proceedings.

At the end of the paper, the authors should add their cv on not more than 10 lines, and eventually their photo. For each presentation 10 minutes will be foreseen and 5 minutes for Q&A. All speakers will have at their disposal a LCD video projector with PC (for power-point presentations and the like), a slide-projector, and an overhead projector. The papers can be presented in Croatian or English. The presentations and discussions in Croatian will be translated into English.